First Bristol News February 2014

32251-3 from Southampton carry Transbus plates not Alexander.


46603 just carries on having just been re MOT,d by Weston so unless anything goes wrong with it, it remains as the last step entrance bus in the fleet.


An ex London Marshall Dart has been acquired and is at Hengrove being prepared its come from Plymouth and is 41795 (LN51GOU) its in new livery and is still Dual doored at present Id guess its for the training fleet rather than for further service. 



Allocation changes

37315        HE - u (After hitting a low bridge near Temple Meads)

40517        BH - WS

41144        w - WS

42730/1/8  BH - WS

42951        LH - MH

44521        BH - u (After an argument with a very low bridge in Bath)

53102/3     WS - BH

53204        WS - BH

69435-7    WS - BH


Trainer 60461 has moved from HE to BH  and is now withdrawn.


41142,46248,67338  & 67341 have been sold.


The 2 Optare Demo vehicles 49300 & 59100 are now shown as reserve so it looks like they are about to move on again soon.


The former Hengrove Darts seem to have settled as -

LH   - 42949/50/7-9/61

MH - 42951-6/60


recent transfer to Bath 44915.




into new livery are -



recent repaint 37766


44911 in A2 Link livery

working in Weston as its a Saturday and the A2

runs M-F only.